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Cupsy Story

It all began with my husband’s frustration from laying on the couch on a cold lazy Sunday afternoon watching a movie and not having a safe place to set his drink next to him.  The remote was lost in the blanket, and we could hear the cell phone ringing somewhere on the couch – major frustration set in!

Being an engineer, he had to improve the couch surfing situation, and started thinking about ways to engineer a superior beverage holder, and – voila’  – the next thing I see is a thrown together piece of plastic and my hubby shouting  “try this out, pretty cool” .  That piece of plastic with long legs held his drink perfectly between the cushions, and became the first Cupsy prototype.  Now the creative juices were flowing. Since nothing like the Cupsy existed, we made a video to explain the idea to our friends. This group of friends evolved into the Cupsy Nation, and you are also invited!

We started thinking about how to make this plastic contraption more versatile and meet my beverage needs also, so we looked into being able to set a cup of coffee and a wine glass in it. Then we started to think of other “necessities” to have nearby on those lazy Sunday afternoons so we designed a compartment for reading glasses, and those remote controls, and cell phones that seem to get lost all the time! You name it, you can use that little pocket to hold electronics, a small snack, a pen, eyeglasses, knitting needles or an mp3 player.

With a little caffeine to the brain, and months of design work, we turned that first plastic prototype into the Cupsy, which we really enjoy on the couch.  We hope you enjoy your Cupsy just as much, or more!


The idea for Cupsy began with this couch